Have tachograph data available wherever and whenever you want, it's never been easier.

Seeptrucker is the solution for managers and drivers, it allows managers to free themselves from the worry of downloading and analyzing drivers’ cards, obtain time calculations in 1 minute, work constructively with drivers to reduce fines all without opening the computer, it’s the driver that downloads, analyzes errors and productivity via the app. Enter the future now so that your company can develop the present.

How do I access Seeptrucker?

1. Card reader

Purchase a card reader compatible with your android smartphone

2. Download driver card data with seeptrucker app

Use the seeptrucker app to download, monitor and analyze your data.

3. Start analyzing your driver card data
Analyze the data on your phone or computer.

How does the manager identify himself?

– Worried about the dates of card downloads?

– Don’t have the time or expertise to correct driver errors?

– Every time you want to know if a driver still has time to perform a certain service, is it a lengthy and complicated process?

– When a driver is inspected, he does not know whether to pay or make a deposit?

If you identify with these concerns, talk to us because seeptrucker allows you to manage all this without opening your computer

How does it work?

Seeptrucker is a web application for analyzing digital tachograph files. Usage is very straightforward. Gather data using remote auto-download or manually download files, upload to Seeptrucker and analyze data on the go. Seeptrucker helps you find infractions, track unloading deadlines and vehicle calibrations, and improve many other business processes.

Fácil transferência de dados

Descarregue os dados do Cartão de Condutor de forma remota e analise-o usando a plataforma Seeptrucker. Solução rápida para que os condutores descarreguem os dados do cartão a qualquer momento e em qualquer lugar.

Para Empresas

Seeptrucker é uma excelente solução para qualquer empresa, reduz preocupação, tempo de descargas, fiabilidade e operacionalidade na redução de infrações e aumentos de produtividade nas jornadas dos condutores

Para Condutores

Grande ajuda para acompanhar o trabalho e períodos de descanso e evitar violar as legislações internacionais, analise fácil da jornada de trabalho tudo na palma da mão.


Easy data transfer

Download Driver Card data remotely and analyze it using the Seeptrucker platform. Quick solution for drivers to download card data anytime, anywhere.

Para Empresas

For businesses

Seeptrucker is an excellent solution for any company, it reduces worry, download time, reliability and operability in the reduction of infractions and increases in productivity in drivers' journeys


For Drivers

Great help to keep track of work and rest periods and avoid violating international laws, easy analysis of working hours all in the palm of your hand.

Ensure your drivers do not break the Regulations.

Easily monitor your drivers’ data and Tachographs in compliance with the Driving Time and Rest Time Regulations as well as the Working Time and Night Work rules in order to minimize the possibility of receiving large fines for violating this set of rules that affect all companies and drivers.

Receive alert notifications

Get notified about upcoming download deadlines, card expiration dates and upcoming verification deadlines. System notifications and emails will facilitate management to ensure that deadlines are not exceeded.

Integrate the data you receive from your telematics system into your platform

Seeptrucker allows for a seamless way of integrating with GPS location platforms. If your GPS tracking platform supports downloading DDD files, or others you can implement a direct upload of tachograph files to Seeptrucker and retrieve data from DDD files back to your platform.

State-of-the-art tachograph data analysis

Seeptrucker is an evolving digital tachograph data analysis solution that is constantly being developed and improved. The main focus is the user experience and education of users in the correct use of the tachograph. Seeptrucker also provides a convenient and easy way to calculate driver working hours for salary calculations and keep track of upcoming discharges and tachograph measurement dates.