Use the app to reach a new dimension

Seeptrucker is the simplest and most advanced solution for reading tachograph data in Europe.

With the use of the app by drivers, managers can reach a higher level of optimization of time and productivity, the driver is now the main actor in the process;

– Managers no longer worry about downloads, these are the responsibility of drivers who download via app daily without having to go anywhere, managers receive alerts via email if downloads are not carried out

– Managers No longer invest time in handling corrections because drivers receive information about infractions, they have in the last 56 days whenever they download data, they are the ones who will have to interact if they have infractions and no longer the manager.

– Managers no longer invest time to find out how much time the driver has left for the activity and even know until a certain time if they have time to perform a certain task because it is the drivers who, when performing the unloading, will also know and indicate to the manager if may or may not do the job

– Managers know immediately (less than 2 minutes) if an infraction must be paid or bonded and it is the driver who, when calling the manager, will indicate, with certainty, whether or not they have an infraction when faced with an inspection.